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Erik Lindgren
Photo by Claire Folger

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Erik Lindgren: Piano / Synthesizer / Farfisa Chord Organ / Samples / Acoustic and Electronic Percussion / Drum Programming / Trumpet

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For 25 years, Erik Lindgren has been prolific as a composer with over 4 dozen contemporary classical works. Along with Rick Scott, Lindgren is a charter member of Birdsongs of the Mesozoic, which formed in 1980. He also runs Arf! Arf!, an archival label with over 5 dozen releases dedicated to the preservation of '60s Garage/Psychedelic Rock and "Incredibly Strange Music." Arf! Arf! has also issued 4 CD retrospectives of his 1970-'80's studio moniker The Space Negros. Since 1979, Lindgren has run Sounds Interesting, a state-of-the-art 24-track digital studio and commercial music production company. Credits include scores for all three networks, PBS, Polaroid, Boston Globe, Prentice Hall, and Eastpak. His passions include travel, horseback riding, lap swimming, and record collecting.

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